Crazy? (¿Locos?, en inglés y revisada)

Publicado: 18/11/2014 en Cuentos e historias cortas, Excusas y otras cosas

He was walking through the fog. It was early in the morning. The day was really foggy. Nobody was on the streets. Everybody was already at work or at home. Nowadays, nobody went outside. Some time ago, people would have gone outside to meet people, but virtual reality made everything simpler. You didn’t have to leave your house to do your work, meet your friends or go shopping. You had no inconveniences. No bad weather, no car accidents, no assaults… Five minutes later, the streets were crowded. Some jobs still had to be done in presence and it was time to leave.

The year was 3969. Most of the science fiction dream were no longer fiction. Interstellar travels were done on a daily basis. Sky was populated by all kinds of ships and satellites. Everybody was connected. Everybody was part machine.

It used to be complicated. Metal arms. Metal, red eyes… It was clunky and anti aesthetic. But things got perfected. Now it was undetectable. He used to be like this. He still had a metallic hand and a processor in the brain to be connected. It was normal to find people typing on the air, talking alonte or making moves on the air.

College had disappeared. You could install all the knowledge of a field inside your brain in just five minutes. Childs interacted through the net. Everybody was connected 24/7.

Except him. He used to be like that. He still used the net sometimes. He was not an extremist who thought that the net should be eliminated. He just wanted people to stop being on the net and to talk to each other, face to face.

He got to the place he wanted to go. He climbed to be higher than everybody else and started his speech. He explained the ideas calmly, without force-feeding them tho the people in the street. His idea was to make them think.

Nobody listened to him. They never did. Preacher are usually ignored. But if people can evade instantly from reality, everybody who is not going to bump you does not exist.

An ambulance arrived. Two people got him and put him inside the truck. He saw an e-mail arrived to him. It said:

“Don’t worry. We’re taking you to a better place where you can say whatever you want.

P.S: Look at this funny video”

He stopped reading. They didn’t even tried. In a crazy world, sane people are the mad ones.

  1. carlosbaldellou dice:

    Translation of a short story dedicated to Genevieve FT. Just to show how i write. I’ve got a very different idea for a story.


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